Chao & Eero


The journey of Chao and Eero began in 1993 when they both stepped into the field of jewelry completely unaware of each other; Chao in the US, and Eero in Finland. In 1997 Chao decided to pursue further education in goldsmithing in Lahti, and the two seemingly different people were brought together in the same classroom. Then it was only a matter of time for the two to realize they shared the same passion and interests, and eventually fall in love.

Both Chao and Eero are Master Goldsmiths, who have uncompromising attitude for the quality of the jewelry. Combined with their design background, they interpret contemporary ideas with traditional skills. At times, they apply modern technologies and equipment to achieve certain effects, but always thoughtfully finish the pieces by hand to give a refined touch. It is not uncommon for them to work into late nights in the quest for perfection, and to see their imagination take shape. 

From their designs, it is easy to notice that they enjoy, cherish and are inspired by the nature around them in Finland. Chao’s design often reflects the closeness between human and nature, while with a subtle sense of humor, each of Eero’s pieces becomes a strong statement.

Even though Chao and Eero have different approaches to designing, their works can be easily recognized from the company’s signature style – effortless elegance.